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A novel application for chronic disease management (CDM) and health check-ups. Now incorporates motivational interviewing wizards for use in acute consultations.

Designed for the Australian GP - by an Australian GP

PAT is a step by step approach to chronic disease management (CDM) and health assessments. It contains a number of clinical decisional support pathways. For CDM, a full assessment is done via the General GPMP & TCA. PAT also has 3 cycles of care: asthma, diabetes and COPD which can be completed later in the 12 month period if relevant.  It is patient centred and empowering shifting workload from the Doctor or Nurse to the patient.

Integrates with your current practice software

PAT has a step by step approach to chronic disease management and generates the required documentation for Medicare items. The general GPMP automatically generates a TCA as well.  

PAT automatically links to Best Practice. In the general GPMP, active problems from the BP health summary are automatically extracted to formulate an individualised approach. Once completed the GPMP  output goes into the Care Plan Section of BP.

With Medical Director or Practix you need to use your 'read raw data password' (which is available from MD or Practix) and use this to link to the PAT database.

Four stage system from Patient to Report


Consult from waiting room to clinic

After coaching on use, the patient uses a tablet in the waiting room to answer questions normally asked by the nurse and then the questions trigger appropriate education information which they watch. So the waiting room becomes a virtual consulting room. If you wish, this section can be done conventionally by your nurse using a desktop angled so that the patient can see the screen. 

The process continues in the consulting room where the doctor uses PAT on his/her desk top with click option instead of touch. At the end PAT automatically generates a GPMP specifically determined by the patient and the doctor answers. Only problem areas get into the GPMP and there is an easy delete/insert option.

There are a number of motivational interviewing style Wizards (Smoking, Weight, Exercise, Chronic pain, and Emotional reactions to starting insulin) which the patient works through either by themselves (on a tablet) or in in conjunction with a Nurse using a desktop. The Wizards are available as a stand alone annual subscription option or included in the Full package subscription.   

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Works with your current computers

Use with Windows tablets and computers.

Can also be used with Apple iPad and Android tablets using RDP (Remote desktop protocol app) in the waiting room.


"I like that it makes the patient’s accountable and gets them thinking about their health for themselves.  It is also good how it generates education for patient’s areas of need."


Practice Nurse, Millbank Medical Practice


"I feel comfortable that the education provided to the patient is national standards and not coming from nurses outside their scope of practice.  I also feel patients would be more honest answering a computer screen more honestly and less judged than a clinical person with regards to smoking and alcohol consumption."


Practice Manager, Millbank Medical Practice


“The PAT tool is a very well organised piece of software and helps direct the consultation to be effective and timely.”

Dr Josiah Manteit, GP Registrar, Millbank Medical Practice

Save time and learn the latest EBM

PAT has been designed to generate general practice management plans (GPMPs) and to provide ongoing education to patients. It incorporates the latest EBM in summary form for decisional support for doctors especially registrars.

Free Trial

The PAT annual subscription fee is:

- Full package is $253 (inc. GST) for Full time GP and $126.50 (inc. GST) for Part time GP and Registrars.

- PAT Interviewing Wizards package only is $49.50.

Special deals available for practices>10 doctors.


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